Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I usually don't get star struck..

But considering Saturday Night Live is one of a few shows we actually DVR and watch -
I had to take a few pics when I walked by the crew filming a clip today near Rockefeller Center!
I've never seen so many 'stars' at once!
I've always wanted to get tickets to see SNL - now I can sort of check that off the bucket list!
I have to admit my favorite is Seth Meyers! 
Probably because he's the 'news' guy :)
Just hanging out and chilling between takes..
Oops! I think he caught me snapping a pic!
 I only stayed for a minute  - but here's a little video of what they were shooting!


  1. Oh!! I love that clip of the cast dancing to "Brotherhood of Man" from the show How to Succeed in Business, which Daniel Radcliffe starred in on Broadway! He was awesome in the show and I heard that he was doing SNL this week. Now I can't wait to see the SNL episode this Saturday!


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