Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking back and forward at Yellowstone!

I've been working on a story for about Yellowstone National Park 

It made me think about all of my trips to Yellowstone so I thought I'd amuse you 
with some family photos from over the years!

Our First Family Trip to Yellowstone National Park!
I don't think I've ever seen these two photos of my Dad until my Mom sent the to me
when she heard I was working on a project for about Yellowstone.
Isn't he a stud?! I didn't realize how young he was when he had all of us! lol 
 That's the cutest little Indian I've ever seen! 
The thing I remember most from this trip is that Brooke wore those feathers every single day
on our road trip through Yellowstone in our Astro van! 
 All of my siblings!
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone! 
 Cute Dad with all of his kids!
Wow.. denim on denim.. Solid. 
You wouldn't have known that I'd be a New Yorker someday from that photo! lol

Fast forward about 10 years..
When Brett and I were dating, we drove from my home in Idaho to Yellowstone one day!

Can you tell we were a little tired since I anchored the 5am
Local News 8 Morning Show before making the day trip!?
(SO glad I don't have to hear the alarm going off anymore at 2:30am!)

So in love already on our second trip together with this football guy! :)

If you're going to Yellowstone, you might as well stop by the Grand Teton National Park as well!

Later that summer - my family visited me in Idaho and we drove up together!
 That was such a fun trip with my sisters and Anise!
Me and my 'lil Brookers! 

Yellowstone is definitely a place I'll look forward to taking my own kids to someday!
So here's some tips for planning your trip!


  1. Okay yeah. I love everything abut this post. Thank you for the giggles.

  2. I loved my little shout out as the cute little indian. We had some pretty sweet outfits back in the day. Your video was awesome! I love watching you almost everyday now!


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