Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So blessed and excited!

We showed my parents and two sisters the video this weekend at dinner.
Brett brought out our iPad and told them he had a cool movie we had made that they needed to see.
As you can see, they were very confused at first about what kind of movie this would be...

They couldn't have been more surprised!
So glad we captured their priceless reaction.

Thanks for all of the love for "Baby C!" 
(C is for Crandall in case you were wondering - like my sister was:)

We are feeling so blessed and excited!!!
Looking forward to this fall!


  1. that's so exciting! congrats! what a fun way to tell them the news!

  2. Oh I so wish I had been there too! I love your family! Of course I expected Padre to tear up instantly, but Madre too! :) And the girls too! And Ash is is so right—Kimber is never tired! That would definitely explain it!

  3. so exciting! I'm sos happy for yall. Cute way to tell them no doubt.

  4. That was so cute to watch. What a great idea to film it. I love it when your mom said, "I guess we are coming here this weekend"

  5. Your mom & sister's reaction makes me teary eyed. :)

  6. This video is so sweet! Made me a little teary. Such a special moment, & how fun to have it recorded!

  7. Congratulations, Brett and Kimber! What a lucky baby to have wonderful parents, aunts, uncles, and grammas and grampas!!! Deb has a new vocation now!

  8. So fun to see their reaction. My mom bawled and did the ugly cry when she found out. Seriously can't wait to see baby C and for you to enjoy this crazy fun loving adventure. That little peanut is lucky.


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