Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New WONDERful things to C in Soho

When people ask about an original shopping experience at boutiques in New York,
I never have a great list of places to tell them.
{Please share if you do!!}
The shops usually seem too expensive and not very big.

C Wonder will be my new go to suggestion! 
It's located at Spring Street in Soho and will not disappoint! 

It has a little bit of something for everyone! {And the prices will surprise you :)}
Especially this Christmas season if you're looking for a gift for that person that already has everything!
 I'll start first in the back of the store in the home section where I found these gorgeous dishes!
 So many fun little gifts ideas...
 Oops! You caught me wearing open toe heels in November! It was almost 70 yesterday!!
 All of their prints were stunning! You could decorate a room around them!
 The green and navy was my favorite! So regal!
 This combination would be perfect for Thanksgiving!!
Now, if only I was really planning on cooking - then I could justify these! 
I overheard some say "this looks like Kate Spade" - while checking out the jewelry. 
I'd agree! It's all beautiful!!
 The clothing has its own distinct style - but looks a little like J Crew {which has been amazing the past few seasons!}
I may have finally found rain boots I love!
And they're less than Hunter's!
My initials! It makes a delightful pair - don't you think!? 

I had to take pics of these ones too because they were just so cute :)
 Their home section really has a little bit of everything! Even this heart shaped waffle maker!
 And there's the flag you're looking for when you walk down Spring Street!

Check it out!

And if you need a lunch after - Lombardi's is only a few blocks away!
Not to mention - there's a Pinkberry and Rice to Riches on the same street too!


  1. I think I'm in love! I can't wait to stop by and wander a bit :).

  2. I've heard about this place! Didn't it open recently? I love all the things you picked out :)

  3. I stopped by this place per your suggestion, and I'm in love!! There was so much to look at and it was all so beautiful. Perfect place to pick up some Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

  4. A good friend of mine is heading to NYC with her sisters for a fun trip and asked me if I had any must do's to recommend. I steered her to your blog and now I have spent a while looking around. I LOVE this store! What a great job you have done putting this site together, it's amazing! And I am just a little jealous of how much fun city life looks, so much to see and do!

  5. Kimber!! Jess and I just had a Thai dinner date and she gave me your blog address!! Can I Just tell you I ADORE the store Wonder!!! I saw this and just died! I Love the walls, and the purses, the clothes, the accessories, everything!! FUN! Anyway see you Sunday!!

    Madison Montgomery (from the Union Square ward, friends with jess!)


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