Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Walking down 14th Street

I did a double take on this one.
The window displays at Papaya Dog near Union Square cracked me up last night. 
Another Instagram capture from my walk home... 
the long line at TJ's gave me a chance to notice these!
Really!?! Never seen these before! Is it just me??
I didn't think Trader Joe's Peppermint Joe Joe's could out do themselves.
Obviously, they just did!

So excited for the holiday season!!!


  1. I hope you scooped up some of those cookies! I swear I saw them last year, but it could have been an illusion, because honestly - the very next time I went to the store planning to pick some up, they were sold out. Sold out! I think a quick TJ's run is in order...

  2. Oh now I'm really wishing I did! I thought I'd be 'good' and hold off until my next TJ run, but I might just have to swing by today after work!


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