Monday, November 7, 2011

To do this week: Visit Central Park!

This was our first view of Central Park as we were heading to the Boathouse for brunch on Saturday.
I knew as soon as we saw those yellows - we were in for a treat!
 This was my first time to The Loeb Boathouse and I have to admit the scenery can't be beat!
The Quiche Lorraine was amazing!
The view from our table!

We had so much fun at brunch with my darling cousin, Emma, and her parents!
It was cool to see all of the set up going on for the marathon!
My amazing uncle, Dr. Gary Holt, ran it and crossed this finish line in under THREE hours! Wowza!
Looking back at the Boathouse!
Check out all of those colors!
 Blog title should actually read 'MUST' do this week: Visit Central Park!
Le Pain Quoten in the Park!? How did I not know this existed before??
I'll be heading back soon!

And finally... how cute is this little girl? 
My niece, Chloe, at her older sister, Gwen's birthday party!

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  1. gorgeous pictures! perfect time for christmas pictures.


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