Thursday, November 10, 2011

I saw Santa!

And the most beautiful Rockette!!

This is me and Dionna Thomas Littleton after the dress rehearsal last night! 
She was amazing!!! So fun to see her perform!
I first met Dionna through our boyfriends {at the time - now, both husbands:)}
while the boys were playing football together at Yale. 
It's been so wonderful having them and so many of our other Bulldog friends here in the city!
We loved the new number!!
Every year - those Rockettes sure know how to step it up!

My cousin, Christina - a brilliant attorney - rushed over from work to join me for the show!
And here's Brett's family last Thanksgiving when we saw the show!
It just keeps getting better every year!
 Can't wait to see the show again in less than two weeks with my family!!

If you don't already have tickets, start looking now!
I'd suggest checking out Broadway Box for some discount codes!
Enjoy! And "Let Christmas Shine!!!!"

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  1. Fun post, Kimber! Those pictures brought back great memories. Such a fun Thanksgiving!


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