Monday, May 9, 2011

So you're moving to New York City...

It's that time of year again!

Over the next few weeks, I'm planning on featuring tips and tricks for adjusting to city/apartment living. Likely, one of the things you'll need to do is make a trip to Ikea. Whether you're looking for a kitchen table or wardrobe closet, Ikea has plenty of options that are perfect for tight apartments!

Ikea - Brooklyn
1 Beard Street

I moved here four years ago from a four-bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment. When space is limited, every inch is key! That's why I like Ikea. You know it won't last you forever, but if you find the right piece, it can help you maximize the space in your current apartment! (When you move to a new place, you won't feel bad about ditching it if it doesn't fit because it was cheap to begin with!)

The closest Ikea is in Brooklyn. It sounds more daunting of an adventure than it really is. Last Friday, I decided to head out there because my mom was trying to get her hands on some of these old-fashioned Milk Bottles for a party.

In my rush to catch the 4pm boat, I didn't double check where it took off from and I mistakenly headed to the South Street Seaport. Oops! I got there only to realize that I was about a five minute walk away from Pier 11 (which is by Wall Street). Now, I'll be heading directly to Pier 11 by Wall Street next time! :)

This is the Pier 11 Ferry Terminal by Wall Street. (Just wanted to make sure you know what you're looking for!)

You can find the complete ferry schedule here.
This is where you walk out to the boat. Check out the gorgeous view of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background!
The Water Taxi on weekdays is $5 to get there, but if you spend at least $10 - Ikea will reimburse you and give you a free ride back. On weekends, it's free both ways. Don't be silly like me though and forget to give Ikea your receipt when you check out. Oh well, at least it was only 5 bucks :)
The ferries are actually quite nice inside! I went on a weekday so it wasn't crowded at all, but I'm sure it's a different story on weekends. The ride did get a little rough because of the waves, but not too bad. It's only takes about 10-15 minutes to get there.
The ferry outside Ikea! You're literally right there!
I feel like the crazy bag lady sometimes... I think I started out with four and am not sure how many I came home with... (Those re-usuable bags will become your best friend. I'm trying to be better about always taking at least one with me in my purse wherever I go because you never know what you'll need to bring home. Then, I don't end up buying so many.)
Inside Ikea.
Good to know: There is a full sized Fairway about .4 miles down the street from Ikea. I was carrying 10 milk bottles and 18 small vases so I didn't attempt to walk here, but it's probably do-able. I negotiated with the car service company outside Ikea to take me to Fairway on the way home and give me 20 minutes inside the store. (Luckily, I had my shopping list ready!) The cab was $40 (includes driving to Fairway, waiting for 20 min and then driving me home to Manhattan). It was worth it this time only because I bought so much glass that I wouldn't have been able to carry home on the ferry without breaking some of it.

There is a Fairway on the UWS, but I don't think it's quite as big. This one in Brooklyn is like a full-sized west coast grocery store. It's really well-organized and the service is amazing!! They have people on different aisles that can help you find what you're looking for, which is key when you're being timed!!

You can also get to Ikea by taking the subway and then a shuttle bus - or by taxi. More details here.

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