Monday, May 9, 2011

Dearest Mom{s}..

Words can't express how much I'm grateful for my Mom, Debbie, and Brett's Mom, Laura! I admire both of them so much! They are amazing women full of grace, kindness, beauty and love! We always have so much fun when they visit!

Here are some of my favorite adventures with our Moms :)

Creperie NYC
112 MacDougal Street (just north of Bleeker)
The most amazing crepes in NYC! I think we ate these for dinner one night. The only problem with Creperie NYC is there are only four seats and there can be a line to order (fairly slow service) on a busy summer night. But if you are willing to deal with those minor details, you won't be disappointed!
{FYI.. full breakdown of creperies in the city coming soon!}

Central Park Row Boats and Bikes
Near the Boathouse in Central Park
 {Mom and Brooke rowing us along!}
This is probably one of the most economical and enjoyable activities in the city! It's so relaxing to be out on the water - checking out the views! If you're lucky, you might even get to see a proposal while you're out on the water. I think I've seen at least two when we've taken out a boat!

Also, they aren't that hard to row, but it does take a little more coordination that you might expect :) Good thing we had racer Brooke with us to move us along! Oh and the best time of year to do this is during the fall when the leaves are changing!

Details: Four people are allowed in a boat. I believe it's still cash only. $20 deposit and $12 for the first hour. After that, it's $2.50 for every additional 15 minutes.
Details: The cruisers are $9 an hour or $45 for the day. Brett's mom and mine were in town for this trip and we had a great time exploring the park on these sweet wheels! We loved riding around the north loop!
 {Taking a stroll in Central Park after boating and biking! Whew! Always a full day when Mom's here!}
I hope Mom doesn't get mad at me for posting these, but I just had to show you how cute and young she is! Seriously, I can't believe she has a big birthday coming up this year! This was a girls' trip with two of her best friends from high school. They all danced on the pom line together! At one point while waiting for a train, they just broke out in song and dance in the subway station! Aren't they gorgeous!?
Top of the Rock
30 Rockefellar Plaza
This is best way to see an amazing city view from up above! I'd highly recommend Top of the Rock over the Empire State Building. The decks up top are spacious and have an indoor area with spectacular views if it's too cold to stand outside for long. I love going around sunset because then you can get a good view of Central Park while it's still light out as well as see the skyline at night. From riding the elevator up to hanging out up top, the whole experience is quite delightful!

Good to know: I've found it's best to get your tickets online beforehand. If you're planning on visiting some other sights as well, check out their combo ticket deals.
Rice to Riches
37 Spring Street (by Mulberry Street)
It wouldn't be right ending a post about my sweet moms without mentioning another sweet treat! I had never tried rice pudding until coming here - and let's just say I don't think I'll ever be able to have regular rice pudding after having Rice to Riches. Category 5 Carmel, Coast to Coast Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Flirt, Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug... all of them are amazing!

Good to know: Ask for a sample (or two) - and consider sharing with a friend so you can pick more than one flavor! {But skip the toppings - it's really best without:)}

Happy Mother's Day Mom and Laura!! Thanks for all of the great memories! Looking forward to many more outings with you in the city!!!

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