Monday, March 5, 2012

Here's how to travel from the guy at O...

 The cover for O, The Oprah Magazine, was an article about "de-cluttering your life."

Adam Glassman, the creative director for O, gave me some tips for how to pack for vacation
that I think can help de-clutter your suitcase. 

I'm guessing I'm not the only one with that problem.
Even as much as I try not to, I always over pack. Oops!
My bag was 48.5 pounds coming back from SLC last weekend 
and that was the first time I wasn't over 50 pounds without re-shuffling in a while :)

So here are Adam's tips for looking fashionable in the plane, on a boat..
wherever your vacation may take you this spring and summer!

-Wear/bring socks if going to the airport. Must have for heading through security.

-A beautiful scarf can duel as a blanket on the flight and an evening shawl at night!

-Shoes need to be sensible.
Metallic ballet flats can be great for during the day and at night!

-It's not possible to pack too many non-iron white shirts.

-There's so much great costume jewelry out there. 
Dress it up without having to risk losing something precious on vacation!

-Get a good 'wheelie' - seriously stop trying to carry your overweight bag with broken wheels :)
We recently upgraded our suitcases and wow! 
It was so nice to have my wheels actually roll through the SLC airport without screeching!

Now, where are you going?
Any travel plans booked?

I'm all ready to pack my suitcase.. just need to find somewhere to go!

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