Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chop Chop Chop!

I may have bit off a little too much with a dinner group I joined this year.
My partner and I are hosting next week and I am not exactly 'gourmet' in the kitchen :)
We'll see!

and a friend of mine highly recommended the Knife Skills 1 class so I signed up!
I knew it must be pretty good because I had to sign up a few months ago for yesterday's class.

And wow. I learned so much in just a few hours! 
I'll definitely be going back for more classes soon!
Our teacher, Brendan, was super helpful and made the three-hour class really fun!
There are only 12 people in each class so he makes sure everyone understands each concept before moving on.
 This is what we learned how to slice!
 We turned carrots into allumette, julienne and brunoise pieces!
Or as he liked to say.. (from right to left) cheap salad, guests over for dinner salad, date night salad.
 I love how little those pieces turned out!
 Then he got serious and turned his hat around...
 I still don't think I'm brave enough to buy a whole chicken and cut it apart anytime soon,
but it was interesting to watch!

If this class interests you at all, I'd look into signing up now
They're booked through the beginning of May already.

Your dinner guests and knives will thank you! :)


  1. So fun! We took a class there, but it wasn't really an educational class...I definitely want to take an educational class! And I love that he cut up a whole chicken. I tried that once thinking it couldn't really be that hard...umm, it was haha.


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