Thursday, March 1, 2012

From C to O - Fashion's Finest!

Yep! This guy is the creative director for O, The Oprah Magazine! 
I met Adam Glassman at C Wonder in SoHo at an event promoting O 
and actress Ali Wentworth's new book, Ali in Wonderland!

Have I mentioned my favorite store in SoHo before? 
Oh yeah.. maybe here and here :)
These are the cute, colored skinny jeans I spotted while listening to dynamic duo give spring fashion advice.
Adam was gracious enough to talk with me
after about spring fashion tips as well as advice for what to pack while traveling!
First, he said bangles are all in! Add juicy color to your wardrobe! Lots of it with these! 
But be careful not to over do it - he said stay simple with the rest of your outfit. 
He said, "If you pile it all on, you can go wrong very quickly."
Adam loved these cat eye sunglasses! 
They're even hotter in person!
Beach trip - anyone?!
A girl can never have too many accessories, right?
Look what's back!?! Charm bracelets! 
Adam says the best part about them is you can keep them forever and pick up trinkets along the way!
The new blue dinnerware is beaauuttifullll!!
Color blocking! He referred to this mannequin when giving tips for making the technique work!
What to avoid this year?!

On his list to 'retire'.. 
anything with feathers and fur, really short shorts and shorts with tights underneath! 
Good to know!

Other random tidbits of advice..
-A print on a piece of clothing should never be bigger than your fist.

-Always take a camera and a friend jean shopping. 

-"Friends don't let friends wear jeggings."

-Yellow is the color of the season!

-If you're old enough to wear a fashion trend the first time (for example - neon), 
you have to be very careful when it comes back. 
Wear a touch of neon, but not a full fledged outfit.
Now, if only I could master the seven de-cluttering secrets... 

Hope you have a WONDERful weekend!
I'll have Adam's travel fashion tips on Monday! 
Great packing advice for upcoming spring breaks!


  1. how fun! I love this post. Great tips. Can't wait to read monday about his packing tips. I can use them. I always overpack!

  2. Awesome! You have such an exciting life!

    Guess I will be putting my booty shorts away for a while!


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