Friday, December 2, 2011

Meeting one of the designers behind C Wonder!

Meet Emily Maynard - the designer behind the Elva Fields jewelry line at C Wonder in SoHo!
All of her pieces are based on vintage materials and are gorgeous!
It was fun to meet her! She was so down to earth and beautiful!
Simple elegance! I love those gold studs!
That black necklace is my favorite!! Maybe I should write Santa a letter?! :)
I love that each of Emily's design are so unique!
For anyone who loves turqouise - this would be the most stunning gift!
Whether you love the Big Apple or know someone who is a teacher - this necklace would make any outfit pop!
The detail on the flowers is beautiful!!
I know I just posted about C Wonder a few weeks ago - but they have some amazing new merchandise so I thought I'd show you around again!
Here's part two of my favorites at C Wonder!

I wish I knew someone who was about to get engaged right now because how cool would it be to have the ring in one of these heart shaped jewelry boxes!?
Or maybe put the keys to a car you're surprising someone with this Christmas in this present box!?
There's so many ways to use these bowls!
What unique frames!! They are both beautiful!!
LOVE this display!
Who knew napkin rings could be so beautiful?!
This is why my Dad and brother didn't mind shopping here during Thanksgiving!
The couch is pretty comfy and they even have men's magazines on the table!
Such fun gift ideas!
The only problem will be deciding which color!!
Finally, C Wonder's holiday dishes! So pretty!! I want to throw a winter dinner party right now!

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