Monday, February 13, 2012

Solo Sunday Sweets!

Since I fly solo on Sunday afternoons, I sometimes get busy in the kitchen to pass the time.
I had been holding onto a bag of Valentine's Reese's and found the perfect use for them!
and the shortening (instead of butter in the recipe) kept the cookies so soft!

Perfectly matching my V-day sweater!
Thanks Mom for still helping me with fashion - even all these years after I left home!
Even more sweetness this morning!
 Hubby and I were walking out the door at the same time for work.
We realized we were both taking the 1 train so we got to commute together :)

Happy Valentine's Eve!!!


  1. yum! those are my favorite cookies and the heart makes them even cuter! love your pic on the subway!

  2. You guys are the cutest! Love that heart sweater - so fun!

  3. You make so many amazing treats but these just might be tops. Love them. I love that your blog is names city treats and treasures cause you are the treat girl. so generous with bringing treats all the time.


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