Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy {a little early} New Year!

We're flying back to the city today so we had to celebrate a little early!

Happy New Year!!!
(ISO 160; f/4.5; shutter speed: 2.5 seconds)

And I couldn't pass up an opportunity to light some sparklers!
(Especially since I found colored ones this year!!)

In case you're wondering how to capture your own sparkler photos, 
I've included some of my camera settings below some images.
Don't forget - you MUST use a tripod and manual mode!
(Some designs take longer to draw so you have to change your shutter speed and aperture accordingly.)
(ISO 160; f/2.8; shutter speed: 2.5 seconds)

The star of the night was definitely - Brett's brother - Mark!
 Nice star fish star!
His hearts were pretty good too!
Exclamation points all the way around!
Brett and I celebrated our five year anniversary just a few days ago
so we thought we should mark the occasion!
Making lovely flowers!
 An apple for the sweetest teacher!
 The Crandall boys were getting creative!
 And then even more funny!
(ISO 160; f/6.3; shutter speed 2.5 seconds)
 Thanks to Mark - we attempted a rainbow! 
Rachel and Mackenzie really made it wonderful with the clouds!
Happy 2012 from the Crandall siblings!! (We missed you, Dennis!)

Hope your New Year celebration is lovely and splendid! 

You can see more New Year's sparkler photos here (2011) and here (2010) :)

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