Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Nearly eight years ago, I was introduced to Fox News anchor Jamie Colby through a mentor of mine. 
I was Jamie's intern during the summer of 2004. I followed her around and tried to help as best I could 
as she covered major stories like the Martha Stewart sentencing. It was a surreal experience for me - 
interning with a major network and moving to the city at the age of 18.
One thing was certain - it was my dream to someday end up at Fox as a reporter!
 (My last day as an intern.)
(One of the amazing highlights of the summer was going to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions with Fox!)

Jamie and a few others have helped me develop my career over the years. It has been a dream of mine to report for Fox News. I've been reporting for the Travel section of Foxnews.com since last spring. Yesterday, I appeared live for the first time on Fox News.com Live. To my surprise, Jamie was the anchor and interviewed me about my story! 

What a dream come true as I chatted with her about dream vacations and how to save up for them! It was kind of symbolic of my career. I've had to work really hard (commute three hours a day to my job) and do things that weren't easy (like live alone in Idaho Falls and wake up at 2am). But yesterday - I just couldn't have felt more blessed - for the support of Jamie, my parents and my sweet hubby - who have helped me and encouraged me all along the way! It was kind of like finally getting to go on that dream vacation you've saved up and worked so hard for! I'd encourage every little girl to follow their dreams! You never know - it may come true! You can watch yesterday's segment on the clip below.


  1. just saw this on your mom's blog, way to go kimber!

  2. You simply amaze me! You are incredible at what you do - and I love how perfectly your strengths and talents are suited to the profession you love. Fox is lucky to have you! Congrats, again!

  3. This is so exciting Kimber. Congratulations on fulfilling your dream! I know your family is very proud of you and it's fun to think we all knew you when...

  4. that is so great Kimber! so happy for you and proud of all your hard work :)

  5. Love this post Kimber! So happy for you and so glad that you are living your dream! Congrats lady!


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