Monday, November 21, 2011

THE Game & Game Plan for Thanksgiving Week

This past weekend, we headed up to New Haven for THE GAME of the year!
Really, the Yale-Harvard game is called just that - since those two teams have the biggest rivalry
in the Ivy League where American football was born!
 The game itself was pretty horrible (read: we lost pretty bad) - but we had a great time visiting with long time friends!
 The Doxford's came with us and it was a treat to show them Yale!
 The day was pretty nice until the fourth quarter - when it got freezing all of a sudden!!
 These guys were definitely better prepared than we were! Lol...
 We took Em and Dox on a speed tour of campus and saw the Harkness Tower!
Can't believe it's been more than five years since Brett proposed at the top of that!
We drove back into the city on Saturday night and boom! Thanksgiving celebrations began!
My family flew in that night and the party started!
 Last night, we made Thanksgiving dinner since my brother, Ty, and his wife, Sonya, have to fly out on Thursday. 
It was fun preparing it all together! 
I don't think we've ever fit so many people in my tiny kitchen before, but it all turned out great!
 The Oklahoman's! 
The BYU girls!! Yep, that's what Brooke looks like right after a 10-mile run! 
Whoa! They're beautiful!

As far as the schedule this week, we're packing in as much as we can!
Here's some ideas of the activities we're cramming in this week!

Walk in Central Park - I'm hoping it's as beautiful as this time!
Shopping in Soho - and stopping by this place
Rockefellar Tree
Windows on Fifth Ave.
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
Momufuku Milk Bar - as if we need more sweets :)
Macy's Day Parade

Tonight - we're thinking about going on my Treats'n'Trees walk to see the decorations along the UWS and sample the best treats along the way!

I'll post details soon!

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