Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something doesn't belong here...

I spy.. Something that definitely doesn't belong in an October forecast.
Do you see it?!?!
I pulled up both of my weather apps - just to make sure the other wasn't confused.
I'm hoping they're both wrong.
So not ready for even a little bit of snow yet!

Speaking of weather - at least it looks like Halloween should be nice!!

If you don't have little kiddos to take trick or treating, 
(And there's even spots available!! If you know anything about Butter Lane - besides
the fact that their cupcakes are amazing - it's that their classes are always booked out months in advance!)
Spooky sweets! Sounds so fun!

Also, I'm curious to hear from some parents about this...

On the homepage of Fox News - you can see my latest story 
about how spas at vacation resorts aren't just for adults anymore!
They're catering to even the youngest guests!

So the question is.. would you take your kids?!

1 comment:

  1. seriously?! I don't think I am ready for snow either! It's my first time living in it, we'll see how I do! That class looks fun for halloween, are you going?


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