Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Spooky! Spooky!!

Here's a peak at our walk through the Blaze in Historic Hudson Valley this year!
 Love the ghost over Brett's shoulder! :)
I hate spiders!!
But this web of pumpkins was so cool!!
Thousands of amazing pumpkin creations throughout the grounds!!
Our friends originally from Utah - in front of their state's symbol!
A beehive!!
 The dinosaurs still amaze me every year! 
They stack pumpkins on top of pumpkins to build these!
A pirate and Mayan's - oh my! 
 This looked just about big enough to be a city rat!
I wonder how he ended up in Westchester?!
 What's so cool about the Blaze is that it has a little something for everyone!
From ghosts and goblins to sunflowers and smiling pumpkins! 
The birthday girl and I in front of the sunflowers!
We were talking about if we were to leave the city someday - whether it would be difficult to recreate those sunflowers in our front yard! :) Maybe just a little tricky?!
This pumpkin was so befitting to be at the end of the trail!
I wish we could have seen thousands more!  
In case you missed the Blaze this year, be sure to keep you eye out for tickets next year!
I'd say buy in September to make sure you can get tickets for a night that works for you!


  1. how cool is this! I wish I knew about this. So fun!

  2. You'll totally have to go next year! It's honestly probably my favorite fall activity in the area!

  3. That is AMAZING!!! Such talent....


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