Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanks to my new iPhone!!

This past week or so according to Instagram...




A. Cute cousin John came to visit. 
Yep, all of the Ivy League schools want him to play tennis for him. I'm sure the girls are after him too!!

B. Grimaldi's is now in Manhattan!! 
Same menu as under the Brooklyn Bridge {and it's just as good!!}, but no wait!
Go now before the secret is out!

C. Note to self again of things I want to do when I have kids in the city.
What could be cooler than trick or treating at Top of the Rock World!? 

D. Seeing this makes me very happy!!!
Can't wait to be there with the family this Thanksgiving!

E and F. Lots of baking for fun nights! 
My kitchen floor can attest to the creations I've been trying to whip up!

G. I left this one large on purpose :) Could there be a better deal in Manhattan?! I think not. 
Now, if only I could have carried one home along with all of my other bags!

PS - Can you tell I love my new iPhone?! 
It's my first one. 
What are your favorite apps???
Please share :)

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