Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy, happy weekend!

 Some friends invited us to a home they rented in Westhampton this past Saturday. 
It was quite delightful to say the least! 
We've been here in the city for four years and this was our first visit to the Hamptons. I think there's lots of great beaches within a couple hour drive to the city, but here's what I liked best about Saturday...

 We were just steps away from the beach...
 ...and there was a pool outside the living room door.
{Super nice when you don't feel like getting sandy!}
 Do you like how many hands are in this grill at once?! lol... Sure was good to have bbq again!
It was so nice having a place to lounge inside and watch the BYU game too!!!

Thanks to the Porter's for inviting us! We had so much fun!!
 Goodbye summer! Goodbye beach!!
Can't wait to play again next summer!
Tips for finding a place: My friend who rented the house said she found the listing on Craigslist {beware of scams though!}. She says you can usually negotiate a little if you contact the owner directly. I know I'll be looking for next summer :)

What are your favorite beaches to visit in the area?

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