Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Hi' Kimber...

Hi Kimber, 
I really want to make the last 2 weeks of my son's summer before he starts kindergarten really fun for him. So I want to plan a few day trips out of the city with him. I was wondering... do you know of some places we can go? Maybe even some pretty places in Connecticut or Long Island? I don't know... I'm just dying to get out of the city.

What an exciting time! And such a great idea to make the last few days together extra special! There are so many fun things to do in the city, but I do agree it's great to get out every once in a while! (Who knew a day trip to the suburbs could sound so enticing?!) 

Even though we don't have kiddos yet, I feel like I've been stock piling ideas of all the things I can't wait to do with my own here in the city someday! While I worked for News 12 Connecticut, I did several stories at the children's museum and aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut. Both are a real treat and treasure! Super fun and interactive for kids - even little ones!

Norwalk would make a great day trip because it's only about a one-hour train ride out of the city from Grand Central. If you're going to take the train, catch the Metro-North New Haven line to South Norwalk. From there, take a taxi about five minutes to the Stepping Stones Museum for Children. (You could also drive, but expect traffic both ways - probably 1-1.5 hours each way.) Stepping Stones is a gorgeous, recently renovated (and it was wonderful even before) museum for kids explore and play in their different themed areas! You could easily spend an entire morning - if not longer here. (Click on their website to see more details about all of the play areas they offer!)


In the afternoon, I would head over to the Maritime Aquarium, which is also in Norwalk and just about five minutes away from Stepping Stones. The penguins are a favorite of mine there! And don't forget to touch the stingrays in the ray touch pool! (Don't worry - their barbs have been removed!) The Maritime also has a IMAX theater.


There really are so many places nearby so this is just one idea! I'll try to post more in the coming months.

Other ideas that pop into my mind include...
-Bronx Zoo (not quite out of the city - but still a full day adventure!)
-Governor's Island
-Liberty Science Center (Jersey City, NJ)

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