Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lions, tigers and bears! Oh - yes!

Somehow, we missed the bears yesterday, but we definitely saw lions and tigers at the Bronx Zoo yesterday! The weather was absolutely perfect and thanks to city schools still being in session - it wasn't crowded at all!

These cute kiddos and their gorgeous moms made the day at the zoo so much fun! I loved seeing their reactions to the different animals!

Bronx Zoo

So here are my tips about the zoo...

-Don't go on the free day unless you're willing to brave the crowds! I went one time a couple years ago on the 'free' day and it was just a little too crazy! Depending on your situation, the zoo offers so much - I think it's probably worth paying to get in :)

-The zoo is huge! 200+ acres! Make sure you wear amazing walking shoes! Also, it never hurts to bring a stroller here. It's a lot of walking - even for us city gals :)

-Carry hand sanitizer! I think we put this on at least five times yesterday!
-The zoo is about a $25-$30 cab ride from downtown Manhattan - it's probably worth it one-way! A cab ride home would have been nice after such a long day! :)

-Subwaying it up! The 5 train seems to get there much faster than taking the 2 (more stops along the way) to East Tremont Ave/West Farms Square - but make sure whichever line you take doesn't have midday construction! We got there super fast taking the 5. Coming home was another story... we had to switch trains in the Bronx and it took us about twice as long to get home!

-Do the monorail! It's kind of like being at Disneyland in the Bronx! Totally worth the extra $4!
Good to know: This week would be a great week to go to the zoo since school aged kids are still in the classroom! Also, consider a membership if you live here! Just two or three visits could make it pay off and it gets you into all of the 'extras!'


  1. I seriously LOVE your blog! It is so helpful and cute! :)

  2. You are so fast! Such a fun day. beautiful pics Kimber! The cab ride was well worth it for sure!


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