Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So you think you've tried every frozen yogurt in the city!?

Forty Carrots
7th floor of Bloomingdale's (59th Street and Lexington Avenue)

I heard a rumor the other day (haven't been able to confirm whether it's true or not) that Bloomingdale's originally started the frozen yogurt craze! Either way - the department store says the yogurt has been the best seller at Forty Carrots for 32 years!
I love the sign behind my hand in this pic.. yes, I had fun :) And this was a small! Whoa! They're much more generous than most yogurt places! It's creamier and smoother and tastes richer too!
Good to know: The yogurt is also served at the Bloomingdale's Soho location at 504 Broadway on the second floor! What could be better than sweet shopping and a frozen treat!? Plus, there's enough to see in Bloomingdale's that I think I usually walk off all of the calories before I leave the store :) Oh, and did I mention that the service is like Nordstrom! Makes for a perfect girls' afternoon outing!

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