Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day Ideas - Part One

There's less than a week until Mother's Day! Have you figured out what you're getting your mom?! Whether you live here or your Mom loves {or would love} to visit New York City, this Mother's Day you could give her a present that would let her taste treats from the city all year long! 

Below are the cookbooks from some of my favorite bakeries/restaurants in the city. You can click on any of the images below to see the book on All of them qualify for free shipping (if you spent at least $25) except Crumbs. Enjoy!

Bubby's Pie Company
The brunch here is one of my top five favorites in the city! And I love grabbing a late night slice of pie there as well! You can't go wrong debating between these two!

Magnolia's Bakery
Magnolia's is known for their cupcakes, but I really enjoy their carrot cake and banana pudding!

The iconic Times Square restaurant and cheesecake shop! Mmm.. so, so good! I just have a feeling it might take a little more talent than I have in the kitchen to recreate Junior's, but I have a feeling my sister, Brooke, would be able to do it!
Crumbs is my favorite multi-store cupcake shop! This is actually a book/kit for kids, but I've given it to friends before and they still loved it!
Sarabeth's is known for their brunch, but I actually love grabbing dinner there even more! The bread basket is amazing! It might be dangerous for me if I figured how to make their bread at home :)

Clinton Street Bakery
Another amazing brunch favorite in the city! Their pancakes and biscuits are unbelievably delicious!

Exquisite, unique, one of a kind recipes! You'll have to check their website to get an idea of what they have.

Alice's Tea Cup
After watching the royal wedding all weekend, I feel like tea and biscuit time right now too!

Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man
The only reason you could possibly not absolutely love this recipe book is if you don't like chocolate. Otherwise, it's a guaranteed winner!

Amy's Bread
I wonder if they give tips in the book on how to make the bread look so pretty too?! I guess I'd have to buy it to see :)

Good to know: An even better idea than just getting her a book?! Make her a treat from one of the books this weekend and present it to her along with the book on Sunday!

PS - I don't have all of these so if you're looking for a specific recipe from one of the bakeries/restaurants, you'll have to check the index of the book :)

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