Monday, May 2, 2011

An even more royal wedding!

After church on Sunday, hubby and I headed up to the Central Park Conservatory Garden. It was such a lovely afternoon! We took a brief stroll through the {FREE!} gardens before heading to the trellis behind the fountain here...
For a wedding!!! Hubby officiated his fourth wedding. It was most lovely and I think he did a wonderful job! I enjoyed hearing his marriage advice :) The newlyweds looked fabulous and it was a most gorgeous backdrop with the garden!
Afterwards, we took a quick stroll past this tulip garden before grabbing a cab to head back downtown. I didn't edit the colors in these! It really was that beautiful!
I was thinking it would be fun to make a Shutterfly/Blurb/MyPublisher book someday for my kiddos about colors using the photos from the garden! The colors were so vibrant!
Hubby and I walking out of the garden. He promised to take me back on a date soon! I can't wait! Thanks for being my prince :)
Good to know: The Conservatory Garden is open from 8am until dusk. You can enter at 106th Street and Fifth Avenue (Upper East Side). If you can, make it up there soon! 

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