Monday, May 23, 2011

Following up on floor covering for new NY apartments :)

Last week, I posted about the super cheap rugs at Lot Less. I went into Home Depot to get something else and stumbled upon these rugs as well. Priced well under $30 - these area rugs could come in handy if you need something covering your floor and don't want to over commit :) to the apartment or the rug!

Home Depot
40 West 23rd Street (between 5th and 6th Ave.)

980 Third Avenue (between 58th and 59 St.)
There was quite a variety in terms of colors, sizes and shag/traditional carpet rugs!

Good to know: Measure your room/hallway/closet/whatever you're looking to cover before you head to Home Depot. There's quite a few sizes and it's harder than you think to remember how big or small of a rug you need once you get to the store.

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