Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to do with hardwood floors...

Remember how just yesterday I mentioned Lot Less has great deals! Well, I wandered into the one on Fulton Street after a Red Mango run last night and the rugs in the back caught my eye!

It seems like many new "New Yorkers" {us included:)} often only stay in one apartment for a few years because then you need more space! The tricky part is outfitting your apartment or making it comfortable for the time you are there! Many - if not most - apartments come with hardwood floors so you'll want to cover them with some type of rug, but you might not want to spend too much - just in case the rug isn't the right size/color for your next apartment!

Back to Lot Less, the 5'3"x3'11" rugs were only $19 last night. I picked up a red and ivory one to put in my entryway or bedroom {can't decide which at the moment}. Even if it only lasts me through this apartment, that's totally worth it!
And I loved this doormat! I'm a sucker for cityscape designs!
The Fulton Street location had a huge selection with lots of different colors and prints! Perfect if you're looking for a more 'disposable' type rug!
And just a block away, I saw this flier at Red Mango! I guess their opening last week wasn't quite official so they're going to really celebrate the first week of June!

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