Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday cake truffles, cereal milk ice cream, compost cookies... need I say more?!

Momufuku Milk Bar
207 Second Ave. (the entrance is actually on 13th Street)
A must try for any New Yorker! Great for picking up a quick treat on a walk or way home from a date night!

If you're heading here for the first time, it's best to go with a group of at least 3-4 people so you can order a bunch of treats and sample {almost} everything!

Here's what I'd recommend for your first visit:
(Oh trust me, you'll be going back!)

Compost cookie ($1.85)
-Made up with potato chips, butterscotch, pretzels, oats and chocolate chips! But it really just tastes like the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookie you've ever had! Oopps.. just realized there's coffee grinds in it.. Thought I'd let you know in case that matters :)

'Sampler' ice cream platter - small cups of all four flavors! ($6)
-The grasshopper and candy bar pie flavors tied for first place! And the cereal milk flavor was just fun to try :) {They'll give you a sample if you ask - that's probably enough of that flavor - though it is interesting!}
A slice of crack pie ($5.25)
-Luckily, my girlfriend added this to the order since I was a little apprehensive because of the name :) Its actually kind of like a toasted oat crust version of pecan pie (though I can't remember whether there were actually pecans on it or not - more like melted butter/caramelized sugar). Simply amazing! I'll be ordering it next time.

I've tried the candy bar as well. It's good, but just a little too sweet.

Pretzel truffles (3 for $4) {Unfortunately this flavor isn't offered at the Milk bar anymore, but I heard you can find them at one of the Momufuku restaurants!}
-The salt/sweet combo is just right with these cake balls! These would make a treat to drop off for a friend.

I've heard the pork buns are amazing too, but we went to the Milk Bar after dinner at Westville (which is also fabulous and worth a post) so I'll have to try that one later!

Know before you go: There is a counter where you to eat your treats, but no chairs. Only a few spots to stand inside and two benches outside.

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