Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shoes for rainy days in the city...

One thing I do not love about the city is the rain or possibility of rain - which pattern seems to be never ending this spring! The tricky part is traditional rain boots - such as trusty Hunter's - are way too hot for a day like today that's supposed to be 80 degrees.
Here's a few ideas gathered from friends of mine about what shoes to consider for summer rain...

My darling youngest sister, Brooke, sent me a link to these J. Crew Rainy Day Bow Ballet Flats - which even have holes to let it breath.
A couple girlfriends were over the other night and they suggested 'duck' shoes - something this originally California {think: practically rain-free!} girl had never heard of before.
We looked on a couple different sites and J. Crew definitely had the best colors for Sperry Top-Sider Cormorant Rubber Slip-Ons (regular $98.00). Check out the 'mango' below!
If you're want to go brighter with the 'lemon twist' - you can even snag a pair of these under jcrew.com's sale section for $69.99.
One last suggestion came from my dear friend, Emily. She said her go-to rain shoe are these Sperry Top-Sider Montauks. I was concerned about the 'ducks' being too hot during the summer {though they would be perfect on colder days} and she said the metallic Sperry's below never gave her that problem.
Good to know: The city usually gets random thunderstorms throughout the summer - so you might want to start looking for a pair now! 

Also, if you haven't tried out Zappos - you must take a look! Free shipping both ways {just in case you need to return or exchange sizes}! And I find it usually gets to the city within just a day or two! If you have an iPad, you should definitely download the Zappos app. It's super easy to use and find what you're looking for! Such an easier way to shop - instead of trekking out in the rain to find rainy day shoes :)

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