Thursday, May 26, 2011

You've seen the show {America's Next Great Restaurant}... you can check out the restaurant!

Soul Daddy
189 Front Street (South Street Seaport)
Walked by here the other day and it smelled really good! Too bad I already had lunch so I'll definitely have to come back! It's great the city is getting more Chipotle-esque {quick service} restaurants! So nice for when you're on the go!

Let me know how it is when you go! And I have to admit I only saw the show when I'd flip through the channels... What did you think of the show?! Worth watching next time??

Good to know: This isn't too far from the Pier where you catch the ferry to Ikea. You could grab a quick bite here on your way too or from Brooklyn!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kimber!

    We tried it out last week. It was pretty good! My only complaint is they leave everything under a heat lamp all day so I bet lunch is better than dinner. The pulled pork and sauces were great though!



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