Monday, April 25, 2011

You'll want to take more than a Bite here...

211 East 14th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave.)
335 Lafayette Street (at Bleeker)

This is one of my new favorites! Bite is an organic-friendly, counter-service lunch or quick dinner place with unbelievable service and the most amazing dessert!

So the real reason to come here is for the Nutella Ciabatta! (It's on the breakfast part of the menu, but don't worry - they serve it all day!) Its a hot-pressed sandwich with nutella and bananas inside. Mmm.. is your mouth watering yet? Seriously, it should be. I've taken four friends to this place and no one has been disappointed yet. If you're ordering this with lunch or dinner, just ask and they'll bring the ciabatta out after you've had your meal so its hot! :)

I usually get the split pea or lentil soup for lunch so I can somewhat justify having the ciabatta for dessert!

Just realized that in this photo, you caught me! Two diet cokes with lunch :)

Know before you go: There's about 25 (rough guess) seats at the Union Square location. The Soho location has a few outdoor stools, but otherwise, plan on taking it to go.

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