Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What you don't know can cause you trouble when you're adjusting to city life...

You don't need to run to the store when you kid is sick to get medicine (Max Delivery can deliver usually within 30 minutes!). You don't need to run out in the rain to pick up a sandwich and soup (Seamless Web will help you find dozens of restaurants that deliver in your neighborhood!). You don't have to own a car to be able to do a massive Target run (several hourly car rental companies can help you out!).

Below are some of my favorite websites to know about that could save you from a headache or two :)

Fresh Direct
-No need to try to haul massive amounts of groceries home from the store! Simply order online and select your delivery time (usually two hour windows). From my experience, the prices seem to be about the same as other stores in Manhattan. If you really like the service, consider getting a unlimited delivery pass. It could pay off! Keep in mind, you usually have to place your order at least the day before to get a delivery time slot you want.

Max Delivery
-This is my "I need it now" go to website. Max Delivery can bring your order of food or household items to your door within 15 minutes to an hour (unless they really busy). More limited selection, but it can save you in a crunch.

Your Grocer
-Think: Costco delivers. It's not Costco, but has similar items in bulk. Awesome!

Seamless Web
-Hundreds - if not - thousands of restaurants in Manhattan are listed on Seamless Web. You place your order through and then they pass along the info to your local restaurant. This is the website many large companies use for their employees to order through in the city everyday.



Alice and Soap are pretty similar and I like them equally (at the moment :). I usually check both to see which has more of what I need and price compare!


Zip Car

Hertz Hourly - click here for direct link to city rental information


Did I miss any of your favorite 'go-to' websites for city living?! Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Good to know: Many of these companies offer promotions if you are signing up for the first time (such as free delivery/free amount of groceries if you spend a certain amount/etc)! Be sure to google and check if there's a coupon or promotion for the website if you don't see it when you first log onto the website! Also, has a lot more than you might expect! I'd check there as well when looking for something online! Sometimes, you can get Amazon to ship for free and sometimes the deals are better!

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