Thursday, April 28, 2011

Learning the sweetest secrets!

123 East 7th Street (between 1st Ave. and Avenue A)

My youngest sister, Brooke, decided to fly to the city last minute so we quickly started brain storming everything she wanted to do during this trip. She's been here a bunch and been to all of the usual spots. Her only request was that we do new things that no one in our family (except me) have ever tried before! Luckily in New York, there's always plenty more to see, taste and do! 

I knew about Butterlane Cupcakes and their Zagat rated treats (made the top 8 in NYC list!), but had  heard you have to book a class online months in advance. Sure enough, all of their classes listed online were full for the weekend. As a last ditch effort, I gave the store a call and they said they were opening up a new class for that night! Woo-hoo! Perfect timing! A couple of girlfriends, Brooke and I headed up to Butterlane for an amazing night of baking! 
 First, the dozen or so bakers divided into three groups. Our group made the chocolate cupcakes. You're in a pretty small group (just a few people) so everyone gets a chance to help and really see the magic behind them!
 Rows and rows of baking pans!
 Do we have enough?!?! Dozens and dozens of cupcakes!!
One of the best parts about the class - no washing dishes at all! You simply throw all of the messy spatulas, measuring spoons, bowls in a bin on the floor! They take care of the rest! If only it worked that way at home!
While we were waiting for the cupcakes to bake, we started making the frosting. Yes, that is butter my sister is grabbing! By the handful!
 We whipped and whipped the frosting! Thank goodness for Kitchen Aids!
After we had made the cupcake batter and frosting, I thought the real work or tricky part was done! I couldn't have been more wrong! Brooke and my girlfriends were amazing at frosting the cupcakes with the special Butter Lane style, but let me tell you - it wasn't easy to make them look this pretty :)
After frosting dozens of cupcakes, we took too many home :) 

I'd highly recommend this to any bakers (or want to be's - like me:) who live in the city or if you're visiting! it makes for a super fun girls night! Or even better for a date night if you can get your lucky man to join you! (Show him how many cupcakes you bake and I bet he'll be convinced!)
Good to know: Classes are booked out sometimes months in advance, but they often post info about last minute openings (because people cancel) on their Facebook page. Keep checking and hopefully you can get into a class soon too!

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  1. These photos are fantastic! Now I want to take a cupcake class!


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