Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Better look for this one or you'll miss it!

It really is kind of hidden, but definitely worth finding! I stumbled upon it while walking to the subway the other day. The cakes are a sight to see and the cookies will make your mouth water! 

251 West 18th Street (look for the stairs!)

Cupcakes, cookies and cakes! This place has enough sugar inside to send you straight to the dentist! And check out this cake! Their creations are simply amazingly beautiful!
One of the owners, Benny Rivera, told me they made these displays after creating the cakes (which were obviously very popular with their clients). He said they actually just opened the retail counter last summer. Before that, they only did custom orders! If any of these look familiar,  you may have seen Rivera and his cakes when his shop was featured on TLC's Fabulous Cakes show!
So I didn't actually get to try a cake, but I did get a taste of their cookies! Each one is a half-a-pound! Whoa! So, so yummy!
As I was getting ready to walk out the door, Benny told me I really had to try one of their cupcakes because he said they are famous for their moist cakes and smooth buttercream frosting. It didn't take much convincing and I was out the door with a salted carmel cupcake. I'm a chocolate girl all the way, but this cupcake was definitely worth switching it up for! It was every so moist (think sticking to fingers - not crumbling) and the frosting had some type of syrup drizzled on top that was incredible!
Sorry the photo of the cupcakes is so bad! I guess I'll just have to go back :) And you'll have to check with them to see if this deal is still going on, but it caught my eye! 

Know before you go: There's no seating inside. On a nice day, I'd suggest picking them up and then walking the few blocks to Highline Park! Also, it's not exactly a cheap treat at $2.50 for a regular cupcake and $3.50 for a premium flavor, but its definitely worth trying. Cookies at $3.50, but remember, it's a half-a-pound!

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