Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 17: Theater District

Thanks for all of the love yesterday for our baby girl!!
We're thrilled! It all seems so much more real now after seeing her move around like crazy yesterday!

I often get asked..
Where to Eat in Times Square or the Theater District

There's so many other amazing neighborhoods for dining that usually 
I recommend somewhere outside the tourist zone. 

However, if you're going to a show that night and it just makes sense to be 
in the Times Square neighborhood, here are my recommendations..

-amazing, classic New York pizza

-incredible family-style Italian
-great for a big group
-make reservations well in advance (they get booked!)

-for a more upscale dining experience, this steakhouse won't disappoint
-it's patterned after the most famous steakhouse in New York (Peter Luger's in Brooklyn)

-New York's famous burger and concrete (shake) joint! Mmm...
-there's multiple locations around the city - including one near Times Square

-fabulous, classic New York cheesecakes! 
-great for a post show treat

-wouldn't recommend for dinner, but love it for dessert after a show!
-the waiters/waitresses are all hoping to be on broadway so they perform a live show all night!

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