Monday, June 4, 2012

JetBlue and Perks of Flying Pregnant

Thank you Jetblue for upgrading us to an "even more space" row!
Perk #1 of being pregnant! 

Who knew the airline would be so nice when I called 
to ask for seat assignments because it wasn't letting me select them online?!
I mentioned I was pregnant, hoping to sit by my husband,
and that an aisle seat would be really helpful.
A few minutes later - the nice "representative" (seriously, why are they called that?)
told me he had assigned us seats together with an aisle for both flights. 
So happy to discover it was an extra legroom row!
You can bet I'll be calling the airline ahead the next six months before I board a flight! 
Just ask - is the travel tip I learned from this weekend!

More to come from our first "babymoon" trip tomorrow...
I think I may have played too much and need a nap today :)

Thanks again for all the love for "Baby C!"


  1. Oh girl just wait until people give you their seat on the subway and let you go in the elevator first!! It's great! Take it all in bc the moment you give birth it goes back to the "real world"!!

  2. Baby C just needs to get here. Seriously!


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