Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Travel TIp: Hotwire!

Since we had to cancel our trip to Miami at the last minute last month, 
we decided to book a trip to Orlando for my birthday weekend!
Brett is too good to me! Trips are one of my faves! I'm excited!

All I wanted was a hotel in Orlando with great pool! 
"Baby C" is still making me pretty tired these days so I'm looking forward 
to relaxing all weekend in the water!

Since most four-star hotels in Orlando have great pools, I thought why not make a gamble 
(by not knowing the specific hotel when you book) - and try to get a deal on Hotwire or Priceline.

First, I looked up hotels on Expedia and deals on Hotwire
A 4.5 star hotel in the Disney area was listed for only $86 on Hotwire!
Then, I pulled up the map on Hotwire to see where in Orlando the hotel might be located.  

Next, I went to Expedia to check out all of the 4.5 star hotels in Orlando. 
All of them looked like great options!
I was excited to see during my search that the Omni was the only one 
I could tell was located within the Hotwire - "Disney Main Gate" area.
The Omni has multiple pools and lazy river!
If you haven't stayed at an Omni before, you really should try to at some point!

Boo-yah!! My guess was right!! 
Scored the 4.5 star Omni in Orlando for half the price!!

PS - Wondering why I didn't try to underbid Hotwire on Priceline?! 
Priceline only lets you select a 4-star hotel (not 4.5 - like the deal listed on Hotwire).

That's why I booked my Mom's hotel in DC on Priceline!
Hotwire listed a 4-star in the neighborhood she wanted for $118.
I went to Priceline and bid $90 also for a 4-star in the same neighborhood and voila!
She scored a great deal!
More than 50% off retail!

If you're looking for a 4-star or 3-star hotel, 
here's my guide to using Priceline - which often has amazing deals as well! 

Where will you be looking for a room on Hotwire soon??

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  1. I never had luck with Hotwire before. I understand that you do not get to choose the hotel but the last two times that I have used them I have been disappointed. I think my two favorite websites to search for hotels in Orlando are and the actual hotel website. My family and I are planning a Disney trip next Easter since it is the only holiday we haven't spent in Disney before so we figured why not next year. Hopefully fares do not get to out of control by the time we are ready to book.


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