Monday, April 23, 2012

What to do with four hours in New York!

Only rarely does missing a flight turn out to be such a wonderful blessing! 

I woke up early to a call from my sister last week - who was flying home from studying in Jerusalem. 
Her Canadian friend had trouble getting through customs and Ashley stayed behind to help her. 
They both missed their connecting flights and were going to be stuck at the airport until late in the afternoon.
When Ash called to tell me this, I told her to get in a cab ASAP so we could play! 
We first went to Cosi (for her favorite bread)! 
Then headed to Levain Bakery for the world's best chocolate chip cookies! 
(If I'm wrong on that, please share your favorite!)

She maybe took a whole bag home :) 
Then, we went on a beautiful spring walk through the Upper West Side and ended up in Central Park!
The flowers are gorgeous right now in the park!
Such a fun sisters day!
Thanks to Zipcar - we were able to hang out an hour longer and I drove her back to JFK! 
So glad you're coming back to the city soon Ash!!
Welcome back to the USA!!


  1. Thanks for the cookies!! They were so yummy!! Glad that you guys had a fun day together!! Love you!!


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