Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Must have for the summer!

A Zipcar Membership! 
Seriously, if you live in the city and haven't signed up yet - now is the time!
This week's warm weather has got me excited about summer day trips!
We sold our car about a year ago when I stopped commuting daily to Connecticut for work. 
People ask me if I'm sad we sold our car and my honest answer is, "No!"
Zip Car takes care of all the hassles of driving such as maintenance, registration and insurance!
Leaving me to simply pick up a car and drive when I want, wherever I want for how many days or hours I feel like!
Talk about freedom!
It's great for Target runs or trips to the beach! 
Yay for summer!

Here's a little 411 on how it works..

1. Join Zipcar by signing up online 
(click on the Zip Car logo on the right hand column of this blog for a credit towards driving)

2. Pick up your Zipcard at the Zipcar office by Herald Square

3. Make a reservation online or on the iPhone app! 
Select what neighborhood you want to pick up the car in, when you want it and how long..

4. A list will appear of all the available cars matching your criteria. 
You can even see the locations of the cars on a map if that helps you decide which to pick.
From hybrids to Audi's to SUV's and even mini-van's - there's all sorts of options!

5. When you go to the garage or lot to pick up your car - make sure you know the make and car's name.

6. Wave your ZipCard over the box on the driver's side window and voila! 
The doors will unlock!
The keys will be inside and off you'll go!!

You can even use the app to lock/unlock the car doors after you've opened the car at the start of your reservation with your Zipcard!

Best parts about Zip Car: Gas and insurance are included in the hourly/daily rate!
And the car comes with an E-ZPass so you don't have to stop and pay for tolls. (It will bill you later :)
The agents at Zip Car are only a quick phone call away if you need any help.
Just remember to return the car on time or extend it (as long as no one has already rented it after you) before your scheduled time is up!

And make sure you fill the tank if there is less than a 1/4 tank of gas when you are done! 
There's a gas card with simple instructions in the car!

Easy enough, right!?
So where are you going to drive this summer???

This is one of my favorite views coming back into Manhattan! 
Can you spot World Trade Center 1 and the Empire State Building!?

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  1. I love zipcar! let me know next time you go to Target!


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