Friday, February 24, 2012

Perfect for a rainy day!

Earlier this week, I joined a few girlfriends for hot chocolate at City Bakery near Union Square.
If you haven't had hot chocolate here, you're really missing out!
Not to mention - they're currently celebrating the 20th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival!

It's basically a melted candy bar with a homemade, giant marshmallow on top! 
Delicious in every way!
Has anyone ever tried making homemade marshmallows before?
I've seen some recipes online and wonder if they could possibly turn out as amazing as these!?
Check out the amazing Calendar of Flavors for Hot Chocolate Festival!
I wish I could try the Banana Peel hot chocolate!
Ooohh.. and the Leap Year Hot Chocolate sounds like a must try too!
Hope you have a wonderfully sweet weekend!!


  1. I don't even care that the soonest I'll be out there is summer we will go here immediately!!! Looks soo yummy!

  2. Um, I am passionate about good hot chocolate! Have you been to Hatch's in SLC? We also had a place we loved in South Bend, but I cannot find a great hot chocolate place out here.

    We will definitely be going there WHEN I come! :)


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