Thursday, February 23, 2012

Park City Sweets!

We always seem to turn my parent's place in Park City into a bakeshop when me and my sisters get together! 
which I think is possibly better than Magnolia's banana pudding - another favorite!
Then, at midnight as I was finishing up - I decided to make the pudding festive for 
celebrating Brett's cousin's mission call for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
Max is heading to Ghana! How cool is that!

Around midnight - my Dad came into the kitchen and acting as if I was 12 again -
told me that I need to get my sleep and shouldn't work on crazy projects
like shaping smashed cookies into the shape of Africa at that hour :)
I said, "OK. Let me just finish up and I'll go to bed."

Then, moments later - he had a knife in his hand and said we needed to cut CTR out of bananas.
lol ... This is so classic Padre! 

He teases us for staying up to late working on projects - then he joins in the fun to make them even better!
Sure love you Dad!! Your "CTR" was the perfect finishing touch! 
Thank you Dad for an awesome weekend on and off the slopes!
I might not have gone to bed early, but at least I CTR'd (choose the right) and listened to my Dad!
Good luck Max! We're so excited for you!

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