Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Restaurant week: Have you been to Ben and Jack's?!

The number one steakhouse in New York for 24 years has been Peter Luger's Steakhouse in Brooklyn. 
I've never been there, but I hear it's amazing! {And incredibly pricey too :)}
Two of Luger's waiters decided they wanted to bring the experience to Manhattan
so they opened Ben and Jack's Steakhouse in Midtown East!

 Luckily, my friend had been to Luger's before 
and since the menus are very similar - she knew exactly what we should order!
Check out this thick bacon! Really the picture doesn't do it justice.
It's served with steak sauce and quite juicy.
 I'm not sure what they did to the onions - but they were amazingly sweet!
 I'm really not even a steak person (much prefer salmon or chicken), but this filet mignon was incredible!!!
My friend said this was about as close as you can get to Luger's steak!
We shared one 'restaurant week' lunch and I'm so glad we did!
The portions were huge! We even took some home!
 Mmm... the chocolate cake and fresh whip cream was delightful!!

Bottom line: If you want to experience Peter Luger's, but don't want to pay a ton - check out Ben and Jack's Steakhouse during restaurant week! They're offering lunch and dinner menus!

On a totally separate note.. look at what I found inside the Walgreen's in Times Square 
on my walk home from work yesterday!!!
 Fancy fountain soda! 
{I know this sounds ordinary to anyone from the West - but fountain drinks are hard to come by here - especially with this many choices!!}

I just might have a new stop on my way home from the office :)

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Don't you want a pair of these??

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