Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Holidays according to my iPhone...

Lots of loopy Santas roamed the streets of the city on Saturday! 
I love seeing this every year! People get pretty creative and crazy!! 
 These Santas (?!?) were walking out my building and I just had to take a picture!
Not really sure how their costumes tied into the Santa theme - except they were red and white!

Oh my! Oh my! Have you seen the Pop-Up Dylan's Candy store near Bryant Park!
So much more convenient than the usual location and filled with so many fun holiday ideas!!
 Somebody I know might be getting some of these this Christmas!
 And those too!
 Looks like the perfect Gingerbread set to me and I'm sure it's the tastiest!!
 Not sure what 'dirt balls' are - but they look amazing!!!
 I totally would have wanted both of these when I was a kid!
I'm pretty sure I asked Santa for a gum ball machine more than once - but since my dad is an orthodontist - Santa never seemed to deliver on that one! 
 Mmm... I want to try those!!
Chocolate covered anything sounds good to me!!  
 Reminds me of the Willy Wonka Factory :)
 Even your four legged friends aren't left out of this fun! 
 What a 'sweet' way to wrap up the gifts!!
 Smells like candy!? I kind of want to try that!
 And even fun diet coke bottles up front! Dylan's sure knows how to please me!
 The snowmen waving goodbye - until next time! 

 If I was sticking around in the city for the holidays,
I'd be tempted to buy this darling Christmas bonsai tree 
that I spotted outside a florist shop on Mulberry and Bayard Street! 
Wouldn't that make such a cute gift?! Especially for a city apartment!!

And finally..
Pinterest has kept me busy making things like this...
 A chevron-style quilt wall hanging to hold my Christmas cards!
 I thought it was perfect that my friends sent me a chevron style Christmas card to hang on the quilt!
Oh, and I made this!
 And this made me smile last night!
It's hard to see in this iPhone photo - but the Freedom Tower is lit up in colored lights for the holidays!


  1. love your wreath and love the card quilt holder. great work dear

  2. Kimber! Hope you're doing well! That quilt idea is wonderful - mind sharing the instructions/tutorial you used (if at all?)


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