Monday, November 14, 2011

Super sale Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend! I can't believe Thanksgiving is NEXT week!
Wow! This holiday season is coming up quick!

In case you don't already have tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular - click here!
Groupon is offering major discounts for tickets good in November!
Just be sure to check whether you want to see the show at a peak or non-peak time!
It's a must see show :)

Also, if you're looking for a getaway this winter - Southwest Airlines' Countdown to Savings sale ends tonight!
Fly from Newark to Phoenix for only $149 each way
Salt Lake City to San Francisco for only $119 each way
{And don't forget - you're saving even more because Southwest doesn't charge for bags!! 
Might as well pack two suitcases - just because you can :)}

On a totally different note. 
I thought I'd share a silly moment from last week.
I feel like we do ridiculous things in New York - sometime, just to see if we can :)

We bought a new desktop computer a few weeks ago since my laptop decided to retire,
which then required us to get a desk and a chair.
{Sweet hubby went along - even though he thought we just needed a computer :)}

I've ordered the desk and it's scheduled to come this week.
I found a chair at Pottery Barn that would work great for our space, 
but even on sale I wasn't sure whether it was worth it.
After quick look at Craigslist - I found the chair!

For less than half price (and in new condition!) - it was well worth the couple block walk
and subway ride home from midtown! 
I got quite a few funny looks, but a kind New Yorker helped me (with the part I definitely didn't think through) get the chair through the turnstiles! :)
Happy Monday!

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