Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful for Online Grocery Shopping!

In less than five days, my parents, siblings and their spouses will be in the city for Thanksgiving week!
{That's everyone in Belize this summer!}

I'm trying to get everything done now that I can so we can just play when they get here!!
We've got such a full itinerary - we won't want to waste time on grocery shopping!

Luckily, I only have one item from Whole Foods that I'll have to pick up!
The rest is being delivered!

The holidays are stressful enough. 
Don't bother trying to stop at a bunch of different grocery stores - only to realize they're sold out of ??!

Here's my current list of online shopping sites I frequent.. 

Tried and true!

Yay! Thank you for coming to Manhattan! More selection! Lower prices! 
(Only downside is delivery fee is more unless you order lots!)
Free delivery for first 60 days!

No more renting a car or hauling suitcases to Costco!

Now, offering some groceries as well as household products!

Similar to Soap. 
I switch back and forth - depending on what I need and if I have time to compare prices between the two.

Need something right now???
Max can deliver in less than an hour (most of the time)!
In case we need to order some late night amazing cheesecake from Eileen's - I might hop on this!

Bear Creek Soup mixes, protein bars - Amazon will surprise you!
It's my last resort check when I can't find something anywhere else!

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