Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A look around the neighborhood - ten years later...

It was eerily quiet and peaceful on Sunday in our neighborhood. We are just one block south of the World Trade Center site. We heard bagpipes and choirs singing throughout the day. As I was walking to church, my heart sank as I passed family members heading to the memorial. Some carried flowers. Others held onto a photo.

Here's what it looked like when I took a walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon...
 This fire station is right next to where the towers stood and lost quite a few firemen that day.
 Police and firefighters from all over the country came to the city to pay their respects.
 The notes, especially from the children, were so sad.
 I loved all of the American flags everywhere.
 Signs of rebirth and hope at the site of a most unbelievable tragedy.. The Freedom Tower (still under construction) is now the tallest building in lower Manhattan.
May God bless America! And may we never forget!


  1. So fun to see the photos of what was actually going on near ground zero. I was glued to the tv for a little bit watching all the 9/11 coverage on Sunday. I can't wait to see the memorial when we come visit!

  2. For someone who is not in New York, this was really fun to see. Thanks!


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