Monday, September 12, 2011

Better get searching online RIGHT NOW...

...if you want to get tickets and make it to the US Open yet this year! 

The men's finals are at 4pm today!
 A dear friend and I picked up some last minute tickets on Friday for the US Open!
It was a most delightful afternoon! 
Warm weather, great seats, fabulous company - all while watching one of my favorite events in the city!
 I hadn't noticed this before...
 A Wilson tennis ball couch! 
And thank goodness for those free fans they were passing out on the way in!
Whew! It was warm!
 The grounds are just gorgeous! 
The massive world is even more beautiful when its lit up at night too!
 Nadal.. one of my favorite players to watch because he always makes it an exciting show!
 Usually, they point out at least a few stars on the big screen.
I loved how the sign said 'come back again!'
{ if I needed convincing!}
Every year, this ends up being one of my favorite days in the city - just hanging out at Arthur Ashe Stadium :)

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