Sunday, August 28, 2011


Since we're going to be stuck inside for at least 24 hours {and for now we still have power} - I've started thinking about fun fall plans and wanted to share the some of the sites I'm browsing with you... 

{These are the normal types of things I like to blog about on City Treats and Treasures :)}

Looking to get weekend tickets to the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze
so Brett can come with me to see it this October!
{FYI: These are hot tickets that sell out!}

My favorite event in Queens is coming up! 
Excited for a night there soon :)

We're just a few blocks from this today. 
It opens next month.
Tickets are available now.

Rain and winds are picking up.
Hopefully, we'll get some sleep soon :)
Kind of hard though when I just want to stare outside the window.

Grateful this evening morning for all of the first responders who are working through the storm!
Praying for safety for all!

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  1. Blaze is a lot of fun. We are talking about going there again this year.


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