Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pinkberry's new Salted Carmel comes to the rescue during this heat wave!!

Whoa! Is it hot enough!? Sometimes, I wish I could just be like one of the kids and walk run through the spray parks because I'm sweltering!!

To beat the heat yesterday, I headed into Pinkberry while walking around the fabric district. I tried the new salted carmel for the first time and let's just say this takes fro yo to a whole new level! {Not to mention - I've never tried the milk chocolate crunch before.. so that probably added to the richeness!} I did half salted carmel and half watermelon. The fruity flavor balanced it just right because otherwise it might have been too heavy and rich for such a hot day! It was amazing! Pinkberry is giving me a new reason to come back more often! :)
Good to know: Ask to try the salted carmel before you place your order! And make sure they put the salt on! They use a little shaker and it makes all the difference!

Now, go try it!! And let me know what your favorite combination with toppings is!

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